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Tomáš Drobík


“The trivial comprises perfection, but perfection is not trivial.” I follow this quote of Michelangelo not only as Arfin’s Business Director. My name is Tomáš Drobík and I have been with Arfin since its founding in 2012. My main duty is to consult with owners of medium and large companies about the future direction of their businesses, including possible sale. Before I started with Arfin, I was a sales support & marketing manager at the Coface factoring company, where I managed operational financing for medium-sized manufacturing and trade companies. Outside of work, I read a lot. I like philosophical and theological literature. I listen to Radio Vltava and enjoy a wide range of musical and cultural themes. I also play piano, guitar and trumpet. Additionally, I devote myself to developing fundraising activities for the Wild Goose Foundation. I really don’t like grey – either the color or the attitude. I always try to gain perspective and to see things differently in context and colours.