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Sale of companies

Everything eventually comes to an end. You can transfer your company to people who naturally build on your visions. As well as get the best price for it. We will connect you with a motivated buyer interested to keep on your business.

Perhaps you’ve been a business owner for many years, have no successor, and don’t want to simply let your vision come to an end. Perhaps you’re seeking a different challenge. Or perhaps you’d like to enjoy a new chapter in life with less stress and yes, with a financial cushion. Then perhaps it’s time to sell your business. We will listen to your story and learn what you would like your company to become after its sale. Is the price for which you are selling the company the most important thing, or do you have other ambitions in mind? Do you want a new investor to carry on your vision? Do you want your people to keep their jobs? These are important issues that we will discuss with you and take into account when selling your business.

We will guide you through the sale with all its potential pitfalls and formalities. We will find the right counterpart who is not just interested in your business, but meets your criteria. We reach into our wide database and find people potentially interested in your company and its production. During our cooperation we will find common interests, set rules and fine-tune every step, even if it involves the sale or merger of multiple companies.

You can’t ever be certain how much you can get for your business. Nobody has a crystal ball. But with our years of experience on the financial market, we have improved the process we use to objectively evaluate companies. We start from all available information, as well as our own experience and insight into the current Czech and global economic situation. Our valuation method faithfully reflect the actual price that we can obtain on the market.

But your interest may also be a bit different. For example, you may want to “only” restructure your business, set up cash flows more efficiently, or create a new group of companies to spread risk across multiple entities. We have many years of experience in all this and will help you choose the ideal solution. If you are a potential investor, you can also cooperate with us if you need to provide the financing of a planned acquisition. We are in close communication with banks and keep up to date on their current offers.


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