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Case studies

Selected case studies analyse in detail executed contracts in the area of both key services. Take a look and contact us, if you have similar needs.

Here you can find a description of selected transactions that we have recently carried out in close cooperation with clients. We have been able to help clients obtain long-term, advantageous trade credit insurance with high risk coverage. We are also experienced with selling companies and finding suitable investors in almost all economic sectors. We are always a convenient intermediary for our clients between their current needs and the offers of banks and insurance companies. Our core services include factoring, analysis, monitoring and risk assessment as well.


Our ethical principles

We understand the responsibility we assume at every moment of cooperation with our clients. We are aware of the seriousness of every decision we make together. The experience that our team members have gathered over two decades translates into values and principles that we respect and that are more important to us than any transaction.