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Keep people from banks and insurance companies on your side. Choose whatever you need from the portfolio of our expert services; we will take you the rest of the way.

It’s important to protect your business from non-payment and other business risks. Trade Credit Insurance allows you to carry out your business to the fullest extent possible, and not waste your time with issues such as protracted default or the insolvency of customers. Even in case of your customer´s difficulties, we can secure your business to avoid problems with the financial stability of your company.

Want to sell your business? Do you feel that it’s time after a quarter of a century on the market? Is your family business missing a successor to take over your business? Then maybe it’s the right time to sell your company. We will connect you with a motivated buyer interested in your business. But do you not know how much you can get for it? We can solve it either thanks to our own valuation process developed and improved thorught the years we spent in financial markets. It faithfully reflects the actual price, which we can then obtain on the market.

  • Trade credit insurance

    Insure your Trade Receivables and avoid problems in the future. Our key service Trade Credit Insurance will help you secure your business.

  • Sale of companies

    Everything eventually comes to an end. You can transfer your company to people who naturally build on your visions. As well as get the best price for it. We will connect you with a motivated buyer interested to keep on your business.


When you need to be certain that your new business partner is trustworthy, apply for our risk assessment service. We will research your new customer, and you can use our output to make a good decision. We can also follow up the screening with a more comprehensive report. This type of risk analysis will assess both the financial health and the non-financial aspects of potential trading partners.

How can you best ensure the operational financing of your business? Factoring may well be the answer. To ensure adequate liquidity, you can assign your receivables to a factoring company. This will ensure that the invoices you issue will be paid and the funds will be immediately available, even if the payment due date is up to several months later.

  • Risk analysis and evaluation

    Check your new business partner in detail. Screening and risk analysis will give you detailed information about the creditworthiness of the companies you want to do business with.

  • Factoring broker

    Ensure ongoing operational funding for your business. Factoring allows you to have adequate liquidity at all times, regardless of when your customers pay for the delivered services or goods.


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