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Our mission

We will negotiate the same deal for you that we would for ourselves. Our tools and expertise match the position of an industry leader.

Being our client means you are our first priority. We act solely in your interest and in accordance with your requirements and ideas. We don’t just get you a better deal – we strive to exceed your expectations.

Our unique know-how has been forged over two decades of constantly deepening our knowledge. We can maneuver quickly on financial markets to obtain information, verify it, and weigh it carefully when making decisions.

You get an experienced people from banks and insurance companies on your side. We have valuable contacts which we obtained during long-term cooperation with credit insurance companies, banks and private equity firms.

Professionalism, competence and seriousness. These are just some of the values we profess and want to share with you. But the most important for us is friendship. We know and respect our colleagues both personally and professionally – so much so that our team rarely changes. This means you’ll always deal with the same people and we’ll naturally take up negotiations right we left off.

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Our ethical principles

At Arfin we are aware of the responsibility we assume at every moment of our cooperation with our clients and understand the importance of every decision we make together. Our core values and ethical approach have been honed over two decades and are more important to us than any transaction.


ARFiN History



We can work independently, of course. But over the years we have discovered that when we work together, synergy consistently leads to the best results. This system ensures that the client acquires an excellent product, and we also happen to enjoy it very much.