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Origin and AU Group announce their partnership in growing Indian market

Origin, a leading trade credit insurance provider in India, and AU Group – the world’s leading independent broker specialised in trade receivables, headquartered in Paris – today announced a strategic partnership. This partnership marks an important milestone for both companies: it will enable Origin to provide a wider range of insurance products and services to its customers and AU Group will extend its geographical scope and service capabilities.

12.4.2023, Tomáš Jurík

Customers of ARFiN – a company from the AU Group, operating on the Czech and Slovak markets and focusing on credit insurance – can also benefit from the partnership.

Trade credit insurance has become increasingly important in India, given the volatile nature of the global economy. The partnership will enable Origin to offer a comprehensive range of trade credit insurance products and services to its customers, including coverage for political risk, non-payment, bankruptcy, and insolvency and this is aligned with the AU Group’s development strategy.

How is the Indian market doing in terms of credit insurance?

According to recent industry reports, the penetration of trade credit insurance in India is low, with less than 5% of Indian Corporates taking out such policies to mitigate their trade risks – domestic and exports. This is in sharp contrast to developed economies where trade credit insurance penetration rates are much higher and part of the sales process. This low penetration can be attributed to a lack of awareness and understanding of the benefits of trade credit insurance among Indian Corporates, as well as a limited availability of such products in the Indian market. The partnership between Origin and AU Group will raise awareness about the importance of trade credit insurance and Political Risk, and will expand the availability of such products to Indian corporates. With AU Groups’s expertise in Trade Credit Insurance, Political Risks and Surety Bonds as well as Origin’s strong presence in India, the partnership is poised to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions to the Indian market.

The new partnership will open better access to the Indian market for European companies. It also offers know-how on this still relatively exotic territory with great development potential. The cooperation will also simplify life for multinational companies that are in the portfolio of the AU Group and ARFiN and have or plan to have an office in India,“ says Tomáš Jurík, Managing Partner of ARFiN BROKER.

About Origin

Origin is a leading trade credit insurance broker (provider) in India, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. The company has a strong presence in India and is committed to delivering high-quality value-added services to its customers. It serves multiple companies across various industries.

About AU Group

Since1929, AU Group,an independent international broker specialised in trade receivables, is committed to help B2B companies to optimise their trade receivables and to support their growth.  AU Groupstructures, negotiates and implements solutions for the insurance, financing and management of receivables, special risks and dedicated solutions for e-commerce.

As a 100% independent family company, AU Group has 260 expert employees worldwide, more than 4,500 clients and a capability in 46 countries. ARFiN has been part of this global network since 2013.