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Study: how the trade credit insurance market looks like

Global commercial risk brokerage unit AU Group has published its latest research on the trade credit insurance (TCI) market. How turnovers, profits, Loss Ratio (LR) look like and how they have been developing in the last period, or how do employee’s efficiency indicators look in this segment?

28.7.2023, Tomáš Jurík

The results of the study done by the AU Group, of which ARFiN BROKER is also a member, show in a brief overview how the post-covid recovery and the subsequent deterioration of the geopolitical situation reflected in the market and trade credit insurance companies.

After a short recovery, the number of insolvencies is on the rise again

Economic growth in 2022 – after the end of the covid restrictions – enabled companies to achieve higher sales and therefore very good economic results. Insurers also benefited from the recovery of the market, which recorded a sharp increase in premiums and a historically low level of claims (Loss ratios specifically). However, from the third quarter of 2022, the trend began to reverse. Since then, the number of insolvencies has been increasing in almost all regions of the world.

What consequences will current developments have for the TCI market? Read the statistics, business results of insurance companies and get acquainted with estimates of further developments in the segment of trade risk insurance – studying a transparent 7-page study will not take you more than 10 minutes.

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