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Vladimír Jäger


My name is Vladimír Jäger and I am one of the two founders and partners of Arfin. At the position of Managing Director I am responsible for financial advisory and credit risk&insurance business. I focus on supporting colleagues in their tasks and various capacities, but I also manage some projects myself. In my opinion, it is important to remain fully engaged in our activities and maintain oversight of both the industry as well as the daily business. I started my career at logistics company HOPI. This was an invaluable experience and practice for me. Next great challenge was to become responsible for managing risk and the back office in a private factoring company which was later acquired by Coface – global insurance company. My motto is: “It is better to be healthy and rich than sick and poor” ;-). That is why it is important for me to devote myself regularly to sport, yoga and to the utmost, to my work. Why to cooperate with us? If you want the best, then choosing Arfin is the only right choice!