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Velimír Jankovič


My name is Velimír Jankovič and I have been a part of the ARFiN team in the position of Senior Consultant for the area of ​​Mergers and acquisitions since 2021. Before that I worked in the audit firm as an audit engagement manager. In addition to financial audits, I dealt with a whole range of issues in the field of finance and accounting. Today my responsibility is to find a comprehensive solution for the company’s future, most often in the form of a successful acquisition. I firmly believe, that in order to be successful, one must find a balance between work and privacy, between stress and a clear head. In this respect it is best for me to leave the city behind my back and discover the beauties of our country. The ideal holiday for me is to organize children’s camps, the activity I have been running for 15 years already. And why decide for ARFiN? Significant references in the field of mergers and acquisitions including personal experience from the sale of own companies. Many years of these experience and a human but highly professional approach are an ideal mixture for the client.