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Anika Daňková


My name is Anika Daňková and I work at ARFiN as an office manager / assistant. The scope of my work is to ensure the smooth running of the office, invoicing, handling the current administrative agenda and to support company’s management and other colleagues as well. A significant part of my job is servicing ARFiN clients in the ​​credit risk verification area. I process lustrations for our clients as the one-time detailed inspections of companies and related parties, which provide complete and sorted information about the subject. I am also in charge of updating, modification and supplementing the ongoing monitoring of business partners which are the basis for the prevention of business risks. If you want to be sure that your receivables are protected against the late detection of your debtor’s insolvency, you want to know in time about all changes to your selected properties or you want to know about all changes in the case of your business partners, nothing is easier than to contact ARFiN and have these resources monitored in a timely manner.