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News | Receivables insurance

The Arfin Broker team is becoming stronger. Luděk Obadal has assumed the position of Sales Director for the Czech Republic

Luděk Obadal has become the new Sales Director of the Czech branch of Arfin Broker. As of 1 May 2019, he will be engaged in business activities related to the insurance of receivables and related services or products. Along with Luděk Obadal, Arfin Group has extensive experience in the field of commercial receivables insurance. For more than 17 years he has worked in various business positions - from Key Account Manager to Sales Director to Director of the Czech branch of Euler Hermes, the world leader in receivables insurance.

1.5.2019, Tomáš Jurík

Arfin Broker has the same ambitions in the Czech Republic as the AU Group, to which it belongs. It is the global leader in receivables insurance. Since this service depends mainly on the qualifications of the people who provide it, the Arfin Group has decided to significantly strengthen its personnel significantly. This strengthens its stable position within the TOP 5 specialised brokers in the Czech Republic. Today, Arfin’s sales team represents a total of 50 years of experience in the field of receivables insurance. Along with the growing turnover, it will continue to strengthen its personnel in the following years.

We develop a service for our clients based on perfect knowledge of the environment of all credit insurance companies, their products and operations. As a result, our clients gain a comparative advantage in all phases of insurance and important time savings,” says Luděk Obadal, the new Sales Director.

According to him, besides classic products, Arfin develops and offers related specialised solutions. These include coverage of special risks, medium-term contracts and guarantees. The Group is able to mediate banking and non-banking factoring, perform economic and information monitoring and screening of companies, either in connection with insurance or separately, for example for the purposes of acquisition activities.

Our ambition is to become a partner of any company regardless of size. We want to become a regional player for even greater client support,” adds Obadal.