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ARFiN BROKER with a record 35% growth in 2021

Record year for Trade Credit Insurance business line (TCI). The ARFiN BROKER group has had a very successful period in terms of results. During the second year of the pandemic it secured its clients with transaction cover in the amount of 1,5 billion. EUR. The branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia thus recorded a 35% increase in turnover compared to the previous year. During its operation in both countries the company has already acquired a 6% share of the TCI brokered market. The company wants to continue to increase its share.

7.6.2022, Vladimír Jäger

The acceleration of the group’s business activities was reflected in the growth of the client portfolio. In Slovakia today it consists of more than 20 companies using the TCI product. In both markets the group currently takes care of almost a hundred satisfied companies. Insured turnover of these companies in 2021 amounted to almost 1,5 billion EUR. ARFiN Group achieved a retention of 97% and thus confirmed that specialized consulting provided by professionals with many years of experience directly from insurance companies is very attractive for clients. Above-standard service is mainly behind the satisfaction of clients and the very low willingness to change their broker.

Currently, seven people are involved in resolving the business cases of their clients in TCI line within the entire group. ARFiN BROKER provides full service in both markets, including Account Management and Back Office. “Based on the requirements of our clients, we are able to cover the complete operation from limits through all types of reports and declarations, collection to claims solving. As we like to say, our client service just starts with the tender, “emphasizes Tomáš Jurík, Managing Partner of ARFiN BROKER Slovakia.

In 2021, the group achieved a turnover of almost EUR 250,000. This year, ARFiN BROKER has the ambition to attack the 10% share of the brokered TCI market. Today, Insurer´s portfolios are growing organically at a record pace, which is significantly affected by enormous inflation. At the end of 2021, moreover, symptoms of “delayed” insolvency growth began to appear in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. “After all stimulus from governments, incentives and special protection from creditors fades away, further growth can be expected in 2022. This should logically increase interest in the credit insurance product, similar to what happens cyclically after each crisis period, “recalls Tomáš Jurík.

Last year, the ARFiN Group successfully completed the registration of the Slovak branch, so since 2021 it has also been operating on the Slovak market with a local branch and local license. At the same time, company expanded its team with Kamila Kunco, an experienced professional in the TCI market. ARFiN BROKER has been taking care of clients in Slovakia through its Czech license since April 2019.

ARFiN Group provides clients with trade credit insurance and M&A services. ARFiN BROKER is a member of AU Group’s network, the largest specialized broker for trade cover and financing, which was founded in 1929. Through its branches and partners, the group operates in 40 countries around the world and covers business transactions exceeding 300 billion EUR.